Jul 24, 2011

Tel Dan, Banias, Nimrod, Mt Bental

Tel Dan, Banias, Nimrod, Mt Bental, places that could be paradise...


Was out on a little weekend adventure with the two 'other' german friends up to Galilee and Golan (Heights). Last time I've been there it was still mostly green - turns out it turned brown.


We went to Yehudia first, where we took a dip in the hexagon pools and in the pool below the waterfall.

Then I showed them Gamla. And guess what?

I saw a lot of vultures. There was an eqyptian vulture couple circling in the valley...

... who were joined by a griffon vulture.
They are really grand and beautiful birds!

Before we went up to Zefat, we did a small stop at the Jordan. It's not as small as I thought it would be. Some time I'd like to make a boat tour on it.

Jul 19, 2011


Yesterday I was planning to join a trip by the student council into the desert to see the observatory and watch the night sky. Unfortunately the spectrometer is a jealous bitch and wanted me to spend the night with her...

... but at some point I decided I've given her enough love, and let her think about something over night. She was kind enough to give me some love back in the morning.

After I left her, I roamed the campus and had an unfortunate random encounter.

I believe some days make you cuckoo...

The 1st picture is not the observatory, but the space ship looking accelerator of weizmann institute.