Oct 11, 2011

His tory

ok. no camera yet. so 2 old pics to keep the blog living. i took them in june in jaffa/florentine.
i was travelling a bit in september, spent a weekend up north in a kibutz close to haifa with a wild beach, which was great.
i joined the polish-italian community on a trip to akko with very interesting topics for discussion in the italian movie-club.
things change here all the time. people come and go. i got new flat which is great. i bought a new laundry maschine, which is even greater. the guy who came for the installation was a game. he refused to understand english, and had me call somebody for translation, just to tell me, that i will not be able to get the laundry maschine into the small space with the plumbing. and i have to remove the siphone and he wouldn't help me in any case. and he'll just sign my warranty paper.
so i did it alone, which took about 2min. i think he wanted to do something cool, like being a disc-jockey, instead of working in an electronic store. which was kind of funny, after i watched thee zohan.
i thought it's just another stupid ben stiller movie, but living here opened my eyes. most of the jokes had more truth than you'd think.

anyways, next week i'll get my old camera i left with a friend in linz and i will revive this blog.

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