Oct 23, 2011

Holiday Season

So, the last few weeks were a couple of interesting holidays - first of all, since october we are writing a new year: 5772, then there was 'yom kippur', then 'sukkot', then there were some more.
The last few days i had a very nice visitor here, who also brought me my old d70 camera, so there are photographs again!
I've revisited some of the places, got new impressions and discovered new stuff. I still have the rental car - feels good to be mobile. Anybody selling a car close to rehovot?

ירושלים, which was packed that day. I thought easter was a bad time - but we were in traffic jam all the way up to the city, in the city, and in the old town.

next to مسجد قبة الصخرة‎

more to come...

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