Sep 18, 2011

Fancy Triathlon?

I kind of do, although i never trained it nor entered a race. But since I'm in this group in Israel I practise a lot of sports!
One of the first questions after I got here was: "Are you biking?"
Turns out my new boss loves to bike, run and swim, and many of the postdocs too. So a bunch of them got road bikes - and so did i - and we get up early in the morning, before even the chicken get up and go for a ride to the beach, swim/bodysurf there, come back take a shower and שקשוקה and start working shortly after nine. Believe me: This is the best start in a working day, ever!
So when Daniel left, Lucio and Leah had the idea of a "Team Frydman" shirt, and asked me to draw something for a shirt as a leaving present. I did an ~ Art Deco sketch using pencil and gimp[!] on a windows [!!] pc...

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