May 15, 2011

Curious Yellow Butt Bird

Sry for the lack of pictures... Saw something really sweet on the way to work today. When Luise was here a month ago, I showed her one of my favorite israeli birds of the family of Bul Bul (which is also a great austrian noise rock band) - when I showed them to Luise I did not know their name, and I called them "yellow butt bird". They are as common as Captain Jack Sparrow here.

Anyway on the way to work I saw one of these birds trying to fight/romance his counterpart in the rear mirror of a car. Was kind of funny to watch. He tried all the tricks! Attacking from above, from behind the mirror, flying a charge, and he did not give up. Maybe I'll see him on the way home. Here is a picture I posted earlier - unfortunately the yellow but is not really visible.

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