Feb 26, 2011

עין גדי "Spring of the Goat-kid"

Today we went for a hike in En Gedi National Park close to Masada at the Dead Sea.
We started out at Wadi David on the right side (-420 m) went over that peak which was definitely above sea level (tell your mam you climbed a mountain which was at least +10 m high and you feel like in kindergarden again) went down to the left into another wadi with hidden waterfalls and nice pools. You actually had to walk in the creek sometimes. This was fun.

I love nationalparks. You see a lot of rocks - and some of them move and climb up into trees to eat leafs, eventually you find out that rockrabbit is called hyrax.

Looking down into the next wadi(arugot)!

What a beauty. I am really lucky with birds of prey (a vulture). On the top it was so windy - this bird came from below us, and glided up without flapping its wings once!
A M A Z I N G !

The trail was steep and exposed - no big deal, but a bit unexpected. View to the SE over the dead sea.

Eugene & Daniel.

No I did not wear waterproof sandals in the mountains - well prepared for the wadi as I was.

I think I fell in love with the desert...

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