Feb 26, 2011

תל אביב

Well, I finally made it to Tel-Aviv... I've heard a lot about the city upfront & I'm sure it has it's qualities - so I was looking forward to spend a day there (haven't experienced the night life yet). Probably the most interesting (?), recommended place in the modern part is the market, with some nice streets around, art/craftsmanship, galleries and cafes.

These images don't do it justice - there is a "real" market as you would expect it.

At the beach are a lot of hotels, bars, restaurants - BUT you are not allowed to swim ;(

What I personally liked the best was יפו, with a nice (flea-)market, old buildings (kind of touristic) and nice bars.

It became quite hazy during the day - again greetings from the desert, and the sun looked more like the moon. Werwolves everywhere.

This was kind of interesting - around the docks of Jaffa I felt as walking through and exhibition with some kind of installations - I'm pretty sure this was not the case...

Please focus on the next pic - this weeks riddle: "What does the sign say?"

This however is from a well known artist - i can't think of the name right now, but I'm positive I saw his stuff in an art mag (possibly juxtapoz - anybody got a clue?).
(edit 15/3) just found the guy again: Know Hope(/edit)

From a tourists point of view I think you can do the sightseeing rather quickly - the hype about Tel-Aviv is probably about the night life and the modern lifestyle. At least if you ask people what they like about tel-aviv, these are the answers you get.

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