Apr 10, 2011

Mt Yishay - The Klingon Council

[update] So we went to Mt Yishay, which is another hike in עין גדי - and on the top we had the most spectacular view - and I don't mean the panorama over the dead sea - I mean a council of birds of prey. I got some nice close-ups and I could identify: steppe bussards, short-toed eagles, and griffon vultures, there might have been egyptian vultures too, but I couldn't get close enough.

Then we went down to the window waterfall - all around red rock, but the water goes through white chalk,...

... to get to the dry waterfall it goes through pools and pools ...

... into a huge open cave just to edge.

On the way back I almost missed this guy, rushing through the wadi under the radar. I'm not sure what bird it is - I normally identify them by the painting of the underside of their wings.

The bat cave...

Ever wondered what Lot's wife is seeing all day?

Or what she is hiding under her skirt?

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