Aug 2, 2012

Wine in the Sculpturepark

Went to the whine festival in Jerusalem.
Lot's of wineries, bringing about 3-6 different wines for tasting.
What i found out is, that the 'Syrah' grape is just perfect for some regions in israel.
My personal hitlist from the tasting:

1] Ella Valley Syrah
2] Recanati Merlot
=] Tishbi Cabernet Sauvignon
=] Assemblage Eitan
5] Jerusalem Winery 'Nikosama' (?) Merlot
=] Binyamina Shiraz

There are a few more wines i really like, which were not there. i'd just like to mention the Syrah from Flam, and the Viognier from Yarden.
There were also a surprisingly large amount of blends, which i can't recommend.

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