May 15, 2012

La Cenerentola

What tragedy! Cindy ran away - again - leaving only a shoe behind - again (she really likes that game)- and with missing Link there is no one to rescue her - no wait!
We still got Israeli Jones!

He immediately assembled a crew of sidekicks, leading them to rescue that ungrateful country wench.

Barbarella didn't really care about the mission - as always she just wanted to enjoy herself and she used every chance to loll in the cool pools next to the trail.

Soon even iJones was corrupted... Cindy I'm wondering if this is the right prince for you.

Waiting for iJones...

... still waiting (even Barbarella had enough)...

... finally. On the road again.

Eventually we made it to the waterfall, where iJones lost the trail. He suspected, that Rapunzel helped to rope down Cindy.
Or maybe she fell.
We will never know.

Anyway, the view was nice!

The iJones-Sidekick-Parade!

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