Mar 24, 2012

Wadi Mishmar

In this episode Israeli Jones brought us to Wadi Mishmar.

We had no idea what was awaiting us. Foolish as we were, we were joking around...

... but then.
Da Da Dam...
we entered the canyon,...

... full of pools with deadly snakes. Even our fearless guide started sweating, when climbing the slippery rocks.

Some of us were unlucky...

not all of us would return...

(Can you guess how high the water was standing?)

Finally we reached the dome of the spring.
(There are two pple hidden in this picture. The place was huge.)

The spring - a tiny hole of about 3cm diameter in the wall.

Guarded by the spirit lion Mufasa, who was turned to stone by his brother Scar.

Mufasa could do nothing but watch the evil sorcerer, who lured the birds to him with food and water...

... but intended to catch and cook them for dinner (as he was tired of frog legs).

(no bird was harmed - they were way to fast. both sides did not get tired of this game. in the end the score was about 14:0 for the birds...)

Israeli Jones used his magic wand and transformed the sorcerer into a blue-headed gekko.

Well, ok. I'm not sure if I would watch the movie, but the stage is amazing.

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