Mar 5, 2012

Round and round

I had friends coming and - the weather turned cold. Last weekend i promised to take them to the north, and sure enough the forecast predicted the coldest day in 2012: "Chance of light snow over the Negev mountain".
Two days earlier my friends had tried to go to Eilat, but had to turn around because of a sandstorm. I'm still a bit jealous for missing that adventure - all we had was lots of rain and hail.
Anyway, we went to Cesarea and had our first cold shower. But the scenery was amazing. The black clouds were pierced by the sun every now and then and you got blinded by the light and blind in the dark...

These days they are selling everything to tourists.

We went on to Akko and had a great lunch - a flat meatloaf baked in a pan, covered with tehina. i didn't find it anywhere else yet, i get it every time i go to Akko (Abu Christo is the place).

We stayed in Tiberias overnight and had a great view of the snow covered Golan on the way.

Golan heights were all covered in clouds - the tanks left their bases and were parking next to the road in the green. I guess someone has to take them out for a walk every now and then. Sry no picture, i was driving, and i didn't want Simba to play with them. He always gets dirty when playing in the mud.


Beit She'an

The Gang


On the way home i had the fun experience to drive downhill from Jerusalem in heavy rain, road under water and crazy drivers around me jumping on the breaks as if they were enjoying the prospect of aquaplaning.


  1. Part of the GangMarch 5, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    Yeah, not everybody who lives in Isreal gets the chance to drive right through such a sandstorm...
    Btw, we found a big-wave-picture on my camera!

    And once again: It was fun. And I am quite sure that it was more fun than swimming in the Dead Sea.

  2. excellent ;)
    dann hat sichs ja voll ausgezahlt.

  3. Part of the GangMarch 6, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    Du sagst es, ausgezeichnet! Es ist zwar eine andre Perspektive, aber.... sie ist groß! Und anschaubar sofern ich in naher Zukunft mal Zeit finde den Wasserfleck zu entfernen.