Jun 5, 2011

Bet She'an בית שאן بيسان‎ Skythopolis Σκυθοπολις and the Dead Sea

Bet She'an has a lot of history! It goes back to the caananites and the eqyptians, flourished during the roman empire, became christian and was destroyed around 400 or so. I've been to some ancient ruins now, and there a quite a view that were destroyed by an earthquake around 400-500, I wonder if it was the same, shaking the whole region...

Finally we took the 90 down to the dead sea - and guess what, no wind, just hot air - it was so still, the dead sea was like a mirror. i've never seen that before. 10 min after we took pictures, a feint breeze came up, and the mirror was gone.

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