Jun 16, 2011

Eclipse of the 'zwerg' (luna)

Sometimes I wonder what kind of scientist I am - I read about the greatest lunar eclipse in a long time just this morning. I was not really excited, instead I had organized a jam-session for a couple of guitar players, singers and another ukulele player. I enjoyed this evening a lot, but I guess I'm some other guy here - I saw the total eclipse by chance, I didn't have my camera with me, I had to argue with myself the whole way home to get my camera and take a shot of the late stage of the eclipse before I go to sleep...
Not everything is lost yet, I did it, I'm glad I did, I'm happy with the result - playing with the lense flares, but I almost did not do it...

(click the image to enlarge - the smaller version has some bad pixelation artefacts)

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