Nov 26, 2011

The Small Crater - הַמַּכְתֵּשׁ הַקָּטָן

I finally went on a "Eugene Hike" again - and I enjoyed it a lot, although standing up at 6am with hardly enough sleep is still a bummer (sun goes down between 4-5pm, and you just don't climb rocks in the desert after nightfall).
We went to the little crater, which i briefly visited during my first trip to the negev.

Satellite photo

After enjoying the great view, we had to find a way down...

... we somehow made it.

It was kind of a surprise to find this beautiful pink wadi within the crater.

On the way to the gate of the devil.

We got hungry - luckily we knew how John the Baptist survived.

We even had a nice bank to rest.

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