Feb 12, 2011

The Negev - נֶּגֶב

So just came back from my desert hiking trip with the "Perlman Guys & Gals". As I won't be able to post daily, this will be an unusual long post.


Shortly after passing יְרוּשָׁלַיִם one drops below sea level and the ride continues at -423 m along the יָם הַ‏‏מֶּ‏‏לַ‏ח:

As the נֶּגֶב like any other desert gets quite hot in summer, people use to hike there in winter, unfortunately we encountered an unusual problem: rain! In fear of flash floods in the wadis the chiefs tried to find a save hike.

They made a great decision and lead us to a hike, where we enjoyed the unexpected beauty of a cloudy desert:

After golan whine, a smoke, some beers, italian songs, making friends with a bird lover and a short sleep we went for another hike -

- within a target practice area for the air force, which is only save on weekends.

... damn "no keys"

On the way back we visited the הַמַּכְתֵּשׁ הַקָּטָן small crater:

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