Feb 4, 2011

The BatCave

Something funny happened to me today. Well maybe it is not so funny, but it is something i'd like to remember. Stories are never as real as the real world. So try to imagine this:
A collegue and I went to the bike shop today, and as he still has to repair his bike, we walked my new treasure (in the picture! clue: two wheels) home. It's about a 1 hour walk along a busy road, it was raining and we had to take care not to get covered in dirty water by reckless drivers.
Anyway there were lots of shops, all the guys got their mobiles phones turned on and you get to hear lots of good music - if you like it or not.
When we reached "Downtown Rehovot" (pictures will follow) we got a falafel, sat down, relaxed, and again one of those annoying mobiles "who let the dogs out" came closer from behind. You all know these guys.
But behind me there was only a cute little girl with huge eyes and her toy dog "woof woof". Yeah well it's not much of a story.

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